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Essex County Physician Agreement Lawyer

Carving out a niche in the State of New Jersey, Essex County physician agreement lawyer Judith Wildman assists physicians with their employment agreements and negotiations. Ms. Wildman carefully reviews each employment agreement, explaining its terms, including the physician’s obligations and any restrictions on the physician’s rights to practice medicine such as restrictive covenants and non-solicitation clauses.

Union County physician agreement lawyer Judith Wildman knows that doctors are focused on the art of healing and not on their employment agreements. Because physicians do not always think like business people, Bergen County employment agreement attorney Judith Wildman educates her clients about the terms of their employment agreement, including what their duties are under the contract and what restrictions and limitations they may have. She may be able to negotiate carve outs to these restrictions that will ensure a physician’s right to practice in a certain geographic area but that will not be injurious to the employer.

Ms. Wildman answers physician’s questions with regard to the following areas:

  • What are your obligations under the employment agreement?
  • Can you secure outside employment at the same time that you are working pursuant to this employment agreement?
  • What are the terms of your restrictive covenant?
  • What does a non-solicitation clause mean to your future right to hire employees and treat patients?
  • What type of malpractice insurance are you being offered?
  • What are your options for becoming a partner?

If you want know your obligations, your rights and your restrictions under your employment agreement, contact Montclair physician employment agreement attorney Judith Wildman for her advice about the terms of your contract and how to modify them to your benefit. Know that every word of a contract is important and may have a direct impact upon your right to practice medicine in a given geographic area. If you are in the medical field and seeking employment at a hospital or with a practice, let attorney Judith Wildman focus on the paperwork so that you can focus on your patients. Call 973-619-9967 or email today.