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Drafting And Reviewing Residential Leases

You should always protect your property and your rights with a comprehensive lease agreement that clearly defines the rights and obligations of each party. Unfortunately often do not seek a lawyer to draft their lease agreements until they have a problem. Both parties can often avoid problem situations by having an attorney either draft the lease or review an existing lease. Montclair residential lease attorney Judith Wildman has more than 20 years of experience drafting and negotiating residential lease agreements. To safeguard your investment and protect your interests, contact Judith Wildman today by calling 973-619-9967 or using the online contact form. Judith Wildman can review your existing lease agreement or draft a new lease agreement that will suit your needs.

Aiding With Essex County Commercial Leases

Commercial lease agreements are different from residential lease agreements. Attorney Judith Wildman will guide commercial through the maze of legal language contained in their commercial lease agreements. She will try to provide protections to assure that a commercial  can continue running their business. Judith Wildman will try to get the best deal for a commercial within the boundaries of a lease agreement.

Issues that may be important in a lease agreement are as follows:

  • Is this a one-year lease or a month-to-month lease?
  • Are late fees and attorney fees described as being additional rent?
  • Who is entitled to live in the unit?

Contact Lease Agreement Attorney Judith Wildman

To negotiate your commercial lease agreement and to give your business a head start, call 973-619-9967 or fill out the online contact form.